HELLO, BeaUTIFUL & WELCOME!! I'm JASMINE, Your Boudoir photographer and hype woman!

I am a Southern California-based boudoir photographer who loves making personal connections with women and lifting them up (hence the name Rise Boudoir) to look and feel their best while breaking out of the societal norms of beauty.

I’m a Midwest native, hailing from the state of cheese heads and dairy. After college, I moved out to the West Coast and settled in Los Angeles with my trusty camera, my handsome husband and our sassy corgi. In my spare time, you can find me monkeying around at my rock climbing gym, outside exploring the California wilderness, brunching like it’s going out of style, and sipping on sour beers.

I also enjoy spending time visiting my family by frequently going back and visiting the Milwaukee area in Wisconsin where I also service boudoir clientele! 

Rise Boudoir is about embracing your body and your sensuality exactly as you are. Each session is meant to empower you to love yourself and leave you feeling like the badass femme fatale you are. 

It's about helping everyday women reveal their inner supermodel mentality to go along with your killer curves and poppin' personality. No previous posing or modeling experience is necessary. Let me be your guide and your hype woman so we can create something sensational!

Every single inch of you, from your head to your toes. Inside and out. Each stretch mark, skin fold, and freckle is perfectly placed to complete the masterpiece that is your vessel in this life. 

We're going to celebrate everything your body is and can do!

The Rise Boudoir Experience

you are beautiful



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